best incense cones
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best incense cones

PANCHTATVA’s SANDALWOOD Cones,Chandan Dhoop Cones for Pooja 4 box.(120 Cones),Each chandan dhoop Cones is 1.5 inches Long-120 Cones,SANDALWOOD Fragrance DHOOP Cones|Rs.130/-|chandan incense Cones for room freshner,dhoop chandan for meditation,dhoop Cones for puja,chandan dhoop batti Cones for puja

Get nature’s blessings with extra purity and devotion by Panchtatva Herbal Chandan Incense Cones ( Eco Friendly & 0% Charcoal) best natural air purifiers also commonly used for Home Fragrance, Meditation,Stress Reliever, Hawan Rituals, Prayers, & Aromatherapy.

About Fragrance : Panchtatva Chandan Dhoop Batti Cones creates mesmerising aroma around you.This Eco Friendly chandan incense Cones generates positive environment and rejuvenate your mood.This is best chandan dhoop for puja and chandan incense Cones fragrance will help you in increasing the concentration while doing meditation.This Premium Pure Original Chandan Dhoop Cones will create long lasting fragrance..

Usage : This Chandan Dhup Cones can be use for Purifying the environment & to generate Positivity at homes and work place. These chandan incense Cones can be use for Puja,these chandan incense Cones can be use for Hawan,these chandan Cones can be use for meditation,this incense Cones chandan dhup can be use for Room Fragrance.

→ These chandan dhoop Cones are packed in beautifully designed Velvet Pouch and two plastic boxes which are re-usable.→ PACKAGE CONTAINS : 2 Box. Each box contains 30 Cones, each Cones is 1.5 inches long.

Value for Money Pack : Our chandan dhoop Cones are really value for money. We always keep in mind that our customers will get best product with the best price.

HOW TO HANDLE : Always keep burning chandan dhoop Cones / chandan incense Cones away from the reach of children / pets.Keep the burning dhoop chandan Cones on a fire proof / heat resistant / hard surfaces away from any wooden/ cloth material.

Disclaimer: Picture shows the actual product but colour of cones may vary due to manual process involved.
Not for any medicinal purposes and can’t be use for the treatment of any disease.

→ PACKAGE CONTAINS : This pack contains 120 cones, each cone is 1.5 inches long.

→ Fragrance of these Herbal cones are very soothing and non toxic. These cones will create very less fumes and it will eleviate your mood and reduce negative aura.

→ USAGE : Can be used for spirtual and meditational purpose. Can be used for prayers and pooja.

→ SAFETY PRECAUTION : Always keep away from reach of children and pets. Never light it on wooden surface and always keep enough room around the incense stick holder. Ensure that ashes fall on a fireproof and heat-resistant surface.

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