Best Quality Organic Mosquito Repellents for Babies

Best Quality Organic Mosquito Repellents for Babies

Get nature’s blessings with Best Quality Organic Mosquito Repellents for Babies / Organic Neem Dhoop extra purity and devotion by Panchtatva Organic Neem Dhoop incense sticks ( 100% Organic, Eco Friendly & 0% Charcoal) best natural air purifiers also commonly used for Home Fragrance, Meditation,Stress Reliever, Hawan Rituals, Prayers, & Aromatherapy. This Neem Dhoop Organic is the best in its segment.


organic baby mosquito repellent
organic baby mosquito repellent

  • About Fragrance : Panchtatva Neem Dhoop Organic / Organic Neem Dhoop Batti / organic mosquito repellent creates chemical free fragrance which have anti bacterial property.
  • Help you to create an aesthetic & spiritual environment around and Keeps insect / Mosquito away.
  • This neem organic dhoop is popularly known as organic mosquito repellent for babies, which implies the fragrance of this organic dhoop is very safe for babies as well.
  • Usage : This Best Quality Organic Mosquito Repellents for Babies cleans the air and kills bacteria and germs in the surrounding.
  • This organic mosquito repellent sticks can be use for Purifying the environment & to generate Positivity at homes and work place.
  • These organic neem incense sticks can be use for Puja,these desi cowdung dhoop batti / organic mosquito repellent can be use for Hawan,these organic dhoop sticks can be use for meditation,this organic incense stick dhup can be use for Room Fragrance as well.
  • Why Organic Dhoop:Panchtatva Organic Dhoop are free from chemical which will be safe for your health as well as health of elders & children at home.
  • You can use the ashes of Panchtatva Organic Dhoop as organic manure in flower pot as well. As these organic dhup are prepared from Cowdung which helps in reducing the impact of mobile radiations.
  • How We Prepare These organic Dhoop : These organic mosquito repellent dhoop is prepared from fragrant wood powder,roots bark,resins,herbs,flowers,natural essential oils,leaves,neem and other organic material. 0% Charcoal is used in the process.
  • This Organic Incense Stick Dhup Puja generate chemical free fragrance which will not be concentrated and you will enjoy its fragrance without impacting your health
  • Box contains 40 organic dhoop / organic incense sticks & 1 hawan kund shape stand ( this hawan kund shape dhoop stand is also recyclable which is prepared from cowdung and other organic material) and all this you get at a nominal price of Rs.190/- Only.
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  • Best Quality Organic Neem Mosquito Repellent,|Rs.190/-
  • Disclaimer: Colour & size of sticks may vary due to manual process involved.As these sticks are very delicate so few sticks may break during delivery process.

    Note : Not for any medicinal purposes and can’t be use for the treatment of any disease.

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Organic Neem Dhoop

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